Girl Scouts help spruce up Golden Fisherman

A dozen members of Girl Scout Troop 426 of Ocean Springs on Wednesday afternoon used elbow grease, rags and a cleaning solution to try to remove parts of a green film that covers parts of the Golden Fisherman statue at Point Cadet.

The Scouts took on the project to earn their Bronze Award, the highest honor for junior scouts. Last year, the city moved the statue from the Vieux Marche, where it stood since the late ’70s. The phosphorus bronze sculpture, which the city commissioned in 1975 for $34,000, is a creation of Harry Reeks, an Ocean Springs, as a tribute to Biloxi’s seafood industry.

The city and Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce have plans to re-install plaques bearing the names of fishing families and Shrimp Festival royalty. The plaques will be mounted on the pedestal surrounding the statue. Plans are also in the works for the installation of landscaping, lighting and benches in the area.

Mayor A.J. Holloway plans to present certificates of appreciation to each of the Scouts for participating in the clean-up effort.

The Scouts participating in the effort were Courtney Beville-Mattina, Kristen Boyd, Chelsea Brock, Chelsea Griffith, Jordan Griffith, Kerry Hughes, Caitlyn Kinney, Lauren Monge, Alia Pyatt, Brittany Schreiber, Patty Sloan and Kendall Wyman-Young. Parents participating were leader Lisa Schreiber, co-leader Lori Brock and parent volunteer Darlene Akins.