Gilich: We must stay the course right now

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, agreeing with a sentiment that “it’s time to start getting back to normal,” appeared on today’s Be Prepared report with a message: We must stay the course right now.

“It’s just like the doctor tells you,” Gilich declared in the five-minute update: “Don’t stop taking your medicine because you’re feeling better. Finish the prescription and it won’t come back.”

The mayor reported today that 259 new cases of the coronavirus have been identified statewide in the past 24 hours and eight deaths since Wednesday.

“Make no mistake,” Gilich said, “there are more cases out there. Governor Reeves has not yet lifted ‘shelter in place’ and the closure of non-essential businesses.”

The mayor said he and fellow leaders along the Coast will be discussing recovery in a teleconference Friday, and he expected a similar message from the governor, whose “stay in place” order expires on Monday.

Gilich said he has been reviewing “Opening Up America Again,” the White House’s phased-in plan to reopen the country, and work is underway on Biloxi’s plan, “Opening up Biloxi Again.”

“Key to the recovery plan, is a 14 consecutive-day period of decline in COVID 19 numbers,” the mayor said. “Other factors noted in what and how things can come back: Personal hygiene and protection, sanitation measures for each business and their employees, and contact tracing,” which will help lessen any second wave of the virus.

The city, Gilich said, will have discussions with the owners of businesses and organizations by segments of the economy: Restaurants, churches, barber shops, hair salons and others. Added the mayor: “We will collectively devise what we need to do to open up Biloxi again.”

He also acknowledged that south Mississippi appeared to be faring better than the rest of the state.

“For us on the Coast, our healthcare system and healthcare providers and first responders have been amazing and have not been overwhelmed thanks to you, and what you have done over the last weeks. Keep doing it: Wash your hands, keep your distance, and stay out of large groups.

“Ninety-nine percent of our citizens get it, and are doing what’s right to stop this thing. I’ll tell you right now, no one gets more upset that me with the 1 percent who don’t get it.”
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Trash collection: Pelican Waste, the firm that handles trash pick up in Biloxi and most parts of Harrison County, is picking up all trash west of Iberville Drive on Friday and will be picking up east of Iberville on Saturday. Crews, by the way, were picking up about 275 tons of yard debris each week before the coronavirus shelter-in-place order. Since then, more than 500 tons a week has been waiting for them curbside.

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