Get your storm debris to the curb, Biloxi

By the middle of next week, the city will begin the process to remove the estimated 200,000 cubic yards of debris left in Zeta’s wake.

However, now is your time to be hauling storm debris out to the curbside. City contractors cannot come onto private property. The city is asking you to haul debris to the curbside, and make sure it’s not near any power poles, guy wires, gas meters or your mailbox.

The city’s debris contractor, Crowder Gulf, will have as many as a dozen crews working seven days a week, from daylight to dark, beginning Thursday.

No bagging: Typically, the city asks that lawn clippings be bagged, but in the case of storm debris, please do not bag storm debris. The storm debris contractor needs it to be visible and unbagged. If you’ve already bagged it, leave it there and it will be picked up by Pelican. But as you move more to the curb this weekend, no bags, please.