Four new trucks join Biloxi Fire Department fleet

The Biloxi Fire Department has accepted delivery of four new fire trucks to replace storm-destroyed vehicles.

The new vehicles, a $1.8 million investment funded mostly with city funds, will employ a compressed air foam system that will use a mix of foam and water to fight fires. The process will enhance firefighting capabilities and dramatically reduce the amount of water used to extinguish fires.

The trucks, manufactured by E-One, will be in service at the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center, and fire stations at Back Bay, Point Cadet and Popp’s Ferry.

Three of the trucks will replace storm-destroyed trucks that were recently sold at auction, and the fourth replaces a truck due to be retired. FEMA funds and insurance proceeds helped fund about a third of the price of the storm-destroyed trucks.

The foam system coats burning structures with a layer of foam, which helps reduce the kindling temperature quicker, and helps prevent rekindling.

“We’ve had foam on our trucks for several years,” said Fire Chief David Roberts, “but not to the extent as on these new trucks. Firefighters can also use this foam to coat structures that are near a fire to help protect them, and in the case of woods fires it could be used to lay a line to keep those fires from spreading.”

City to re-locate three-way stop on John Lee Road

A new three-way stop will be installed at the intersection of Old Woolmarket Road and John Lee Road on Wednesday.

At the same time, city Public Works crews will remove a three-way stop that had been at the intersection of John Lee and Wash Fayard roads.