More big numbers in development

By Jerry Creel, Community Development Director

This week in economic development, after only 9.5 months in 2014, our construction valuation total has surpassed our total for the entire 2013 calendar year. For 2013 our construction valuation was $104,037,322. With the building permits issued this week, our total valuation for 2014 is $105,469,200, with a number of proposed projects still under review.

This week, a building permit for $ 1.5 million in improvements was issued to the Biloxi Regional Hospital. The work proposed will include renovations and improvements to the Emergency Room and Waiting Room. One permit was issued for a new single family home, and plans were received for two more.

Also this week, the Development Review Committee conducted the initial review of the preliminary plat for the Jordan Subdivision, a new 90 lot single family subdivision to be locate on Old Highway 67. At the Thursday Planning Commission meeting, the commission voted to approve an application for conditional use, to allow “Short Term Rental” for property located at 156 Briarfield Avenue. This recommendation will now go to the city council for final consideration.