Debris removal on verge of a milestone

Debris efforts are expected to pass 50,000 cubic yards this weekend, about a fourth of the debris estimated to be in neighborhoods across the city.

The volume of debris hauling is picking up, thanks to a West Biloxi site that went into full operation Veterans Day.

“That has allowed our contactor, Crowder-Gulf, to haul far more debris, and, in fact, they are working on a site in Woolmarket to help speed things up in that area.”

And what of the folks that wonder when the debris trucks will make it their streets?

“We will get to them,” said Kiser, who oversaw the city’s Katrina debris removal. “I know it’s frustrating, but these guys are methodically working their way through the city.”

Crews, Kiser said, are seeing some debris only now being brought to the street.

“We’re going down on a street, picking it up, and then the next day there’s new debris,” he said. “We realize that’s going to happen, but the sooner people move it to the street the sooner we can get to it. If we’re not on your street yet, rest assured, we will be.”
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