Council approves Bertucci Park development

The Biloxi City Council today OK’d Phase 1 of a 43-acre mixed-use development that will be on Popp’s Ferry Road at Atkinson Road, after weeks of discussion and comments from nearby residents.

The project, known as Bertucci Park, will provide 107 market-rate homes, 60 condominium units, and 70,000-square feet of commercial and retail shopping space. The site, south of the Popp’s Ferry Bridge, is on land that fronts Popp’s Ferry Road to the west and Atkinson Road to the south.

The council voted unanimously to approve the project, 6-0; councilmember Robert L. Deming was not at the meeting.

“The plan approved today was transitionally designed to align the new single family lots in Phase 1 with the existing residential lots that face Saylor Drive,” Community Development Director Jerry Creel said after the meeting. “Moving to the west, Phase 2 will contain the condominium units, and continuing further west, Phase 3 will be located near the Popp’s Ferry and Atkinson Intersection, a significant distance from the existing residential subdivision.”

Now that the conceptual design has been approved, Creel said, the developer will design each individual phase, depicting the infrastructure, drainage, etc. which will go before the Development Review Committee for review and approval. Each phase will also require Planning Commission and City Council approval.

Added Creel: “Concerns from the residents centered mainly around the traffic congestion at the intersection of Atkinson Road and Popp’s Ferry. As a part of the approval, the developer has agreed to donate additional land on the north side of Atkinson Road to provide turn lanes that will alleviate much of the congestion, especially during the early morning and late afternoon periods when traffic is heaviest. 

“This multi-million dollar development will provide many temporary construction jobs, as well as many permanent jobs once the final phase is completed.”
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