Coronavirus: Is the first wave over?

There was a bump in new coronavirus cases today locally – nine cases, representing the largest number since April 15 – but a local healthcare leader says he believes that Biloxi and the Gulf Coast are on the backside of the first wave of the virus.

“We saw the curve earlier here in the state of Mississippi than other parts of the state saw that curve,” says Tom McDougal, CEO of Merit Health in Biloxi, “so we are on the down side of that curve earlier than other parts of the state. Now could we have a resurgence? Could we have a second peak? Could we have a third peak?” That’s a possibility, he says, but it’s not expected until the Fall or next winter.

The peak for the Gulf Coast, he said, was 30 to 60 days ago.

Meanwhile, the Mississippi State Department of Health today reported that with the 182 new cases identified in the past 24 hours, the state has now seen 10,090 cases and 465 deaths, including eight deaths in the past day.

Harrison County had nine new coronavirus cases identified in the past 24 hours, the largest number of new cases in nearly a month.

McDougal said his concern is that research shows as many as a third of Americans are delaying healthcare and failing to catch an illness – any illness – in its early stages.

“They’re sick and because they’ve been at home, they’re ignoring some of these concerns,” said McDougal, who described Merit as “the COVID-safe hospital.” “It’s safe to go to see your physician. It’s safe to go to the emergency department.”
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