Code of conduct dusted off for busy weekend

With all the talk of heavy traffic, traffic plans, venting and what not, Mayor A.J. Holloway is reminding residents and visitors of the goal of all of the planning: “We want people to have fun this weekend. Sure, we need to make sure it’s safe for everyone, but the bottom line is this: Visit our city, spend money and have a good time.”

Along those lines, Holloway had Police Chief John Miller resurrect a “code of conduct” that was borne from the raucous spring breaks of the early 2000s in Biloxi and surrounding areas. The code is not exclusively for spring break; it’s for any event, and it’s for visitors as well as locals.

“Respect the rights of others and exercise common courtesy. That’s all that’s needed at spring break or any event on the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” begins the short code, which has been printed on cards that will be distributed by law enforcers this weekend and placed on counters in convenience stores.

The code reminds motorists to avoid blocking traffic, to wear seat belts, to park in marked areas and not in the median, to remember that glass bottles and pets are not allowed on the sand beach, and to obey the speed limit.

The code also suggests avoiding profanity, sexually explicit behavior or attire, and, in general, to “Keep your cool and keep in clean.”

“These are reminders of some of the laws, and suggestions on how to enjoy yourself,” Holloway said. “A lot of it boils down to just respecting other people and their property, and being a responsible person. Have fun, but keep it safe. Keep your cool and keep it clean.”

To see a copy of the code,

click here.

Miller on traffic: Police are seeing a slight increase in traffic, “but nothing you wouldn’t ordinarily see on a day at this time of year,” Police Chief John Miller said. “We’re continuing to monitor, to make sure that things move smoothly, and we remain happy that we haven’t seen any problems.”

News and notes

Weekend preview: You’ll find a diverse group of offerings this weekend, entertainment-wise: the crawfish festival at the Coast Coliseum; shows by Elvis Costello and the Impersonators, and REO Speedwagon at the IP; Kevin Costner (yes, that Kevin Costner) and his band at the Beau; the Peking Acrobats at the Hard Rock; a green celebration on the Town Green, followed by a tea party; and more. To see the listings for this weekend, click here.

Beauvoir Road paving: The City of Biloxi has given contractor Warren Paving the green light to begin re-surfacing of Beauvoir Road, beginning May 1, with work expected to be completed by Aug. 1. The $250,000 project is being funded through MDOT.

Rush to work: David Rush Construction has been given a Notice to Proceed on two FEMA-funded restoration projects: The Biloxi fire museum, which is expected to be completed July 30; and the Swetman House, where exterior work is expected to be completed Aug. 3.

Council preview: The Biloxi City Council is scheduled to vote on scaled-back versions of cost-cutting measures proposed by Mayor A.J. Holloway: rolling back the city’s longevity incentive pay from $16 to $10 per month, and increasing the employee insurance deductible from $500 to $1,000 a year. To see the complete agenda for Tuesday, which includes the first reading of a tax-incentive package for redevelopment, click here.

Let there be light, Part 1: Miller Co. has been given a Notice to Proceed on a $361,000 contract to repair fencing and lighting at city ballfields and playgrounds. The $361,000 federally-funded work is expected to be completed by July 9.

Let there be light, Part 2: B&B Electrical and Utility Contractors continues work on repairing, restoring or replacing street lights on major thoroughfares in Biloxi. For background on the $922,000 work, which include 11 high-profile areas, click here.