City voices opposition to oil and gas drilling legislation

The Biloxi City Council today voted unanimously to oppose legislation now being considered that would allow oil and gas drilling in state waters off the Mississippi Coast.

The resolution, which was proposed by Mayor A.J. Holloway, said that offshore oil and gas drilling “may diminish the quality and appearance of coastal wetlands and horizon” and “will adversely affect the tourism and seafood industry.”

The resolution was limited to waters inside the barrier islands.

“I think many people were concerned about how quickly this legislation came up and how quickly it seemed to be advancing in the Legislature,” Holloway said. “We’ve always said we’re ‘open for business’ here in Biloxi, but we can’t sit back and allow anything that could jeopardize or diminish the quality of life enjoyed by tens of thousands of our residents and millions of visitors.”

The measure passed by the council will now be distributed to members of the Harrison County legislative delegation, the Speaker of the House, the Lieutenant Governor and all members of the Legislature.

To see the resolution as passed, click here.