City unveils new web presence

The City of Biloxi today unveiled an upgrade of its award-winning web site and Bmail service.

The new site, which keeps the address, was designed by The Ad Group and was built by AGJ Systems, two local firms, and it is being hosted by the national firm

“Visitors to the site will find that most of the items they are looking for are in the same location, but we have added more dynamic images and other features to make the site more visually appealing and more informative,” said David Nichols, the city’s chief administrative officer. “Our goal is to offer as many services as we can in an open environment, with 24/7 convenience for our residents, visitors and business community.”

Among the new features are a comprehensive photo gallery with thousands of images, agendas and supporting documents for city meetings, links to the city’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms, and a wealth of information for visitors, by using links to local websites such as the Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the charter boat, hotel and golf associations.

“Our goal was to refresh the city’s website design utilizing larger, more colorful, and more dynamic graphics, while keeping the layout clean and the navigation structure much the same as the previous site,” said Robin Rene Stephens of The Ad Group, a firm that has done design work for the city for more than 15 years. “We believe this will provide the visitor with a much more enjoyable experience.”

Said Tony Gulino, the AGJ engineer who built the site: “The new website is built using a modern content management system, which will allow city employees to publish and update information more efficiently, allowing visitors to get the most up-to-date information as quickly as possible. It provides a solid foundation which will support the website for years to come, and will allow the website to grow as web technologies evolve.”

The city’s website and Bmail program have won state and national awards for their timeliness, relevance and ease of use.