City to conduct smoke testing along Brasher Road

City contractors next week will begin pumping smoke into sewer lines along Brasher Road to check for breaks or defects in sewer lines.

The testing will take place March 24-28 on Brasher Road, from Highland Drive to Wetzel Drive and south to the Back Bay, then north along Vee Street and Camp Four Jacks Road.

During the testing, white smoke will exit through vent pipes of homes and businesses, and through any breaks in sewer lines.

The smoke, which is non-toxic and leaves no residue, should not enter homes or businesses, unless defective plumbing exists or drain traps are dry. To help prevent smoke from entering homes or businesses, water should be run into all indoor drains for 30 seconds or so, to ensure that traps are not dry. If smoke should enter your home, immediately contact a member of the smoke-testing crew in your block.

City personnel may be required to enter private property to flag potential line breaks. Property owners should not remove the flags. Additionally, contractors will notify residents along the route of smoke testing.

“This smoke testing helps ensure that we do not have any leaks in our sewer systems,” said Public Works Director Richard Sullivan. “If we do, we can spot them immediately. The work should not require any traffic detours, and we ought to be able to wrap it up by March 28.”

Sullivan noted that the city’s Code Enforcement Division will notify any property owners of any leaks they will be required to repair on private property.

Those with questions about the process can contact Sunmcoast Infrastructure, the city’s contractor, at 1-800-746-4841, or City Engineer Damon Torricelli at or at 435-6271.