City to begin accepting applications for facade program

The City of Biloxi will begin accepting applications for its Downtown FaƧade Program beginning Tuesday, June 1.

Property owners — as many as 10 in the first year of the program — can receive a $30,000 grant, depending on the age of the architectural integrity of the structure.

The facade program is one component of the city’s overall economic development package that includes property tax deferments and other options.

The facade program will give preference to the core downtown, the areas commonly known as the Vieux Marcheā€™ and the Rue Magnolia, but other areas of east Biloxi are eligible for the program. Preference also will be given to buildings that are occupied or can be occupied, and have no major code deficiencies.

The application, which is only two pages long, requires proof of ownership and that the owner is current on all city and county taxes and fees.

Interested property owners can learn more about the program during a public meeting on May 25 at 5 p.m. at the Community Development auditorium.

To see the application and guidelines of the program, click here.