Bridges to close to marine traffic as winds grow

Boaters who have not done so already should begin preparations for moving or otherwise securing their vessels.

Drawbridges will be unable to open for marine traffic once winds reach a sustained speed of 35 mph.

The coastal area is expected to begin experiencing tropical storm force winds – more than 39 mph — about 7 a.m. on Saturday.

Contractors should secure materials, equipment

Residents and contractors should secure any materials that could become airborne hazards in strong winds. Among the items that should be secured: yard furniture, trash cans, swing sets, and construction material.

More weather info available online

You can find the latest weather advisories, real-time radar from points all along the Gulf Coast, and tips on how to prepare a storm plan in the Storm & Flood Preparedness area of the city web site. To go there, click here.

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