Biloxians to see lower flood-insurance rates

Residents of flood zones in Biloxi will qualify for another 5 percent discount in the rate they pay for flood insurance, bringing the total discount to 25 percent, thanks to the city’s efforts in regulating construction in flood zones and educating the public on how to minimize damage from flooding.

The lower flood-insurance rates, which go into effect in May 2013, are the result of FEMA improving the city’s score in the Community Rating System.

FEMA, which sets flood-inusrance rates, evaluates member communities across the country and awards flood-insurance discounts if a community has made significant progress in improving drainage and educating residents on how to reduce property damage from flooding. In the past several years, some Biloxi residents have seen their flood-insurance rates drop by as much as 20 percent because of the city’s efforts.

This latest notification, delivered last week, moved Biloxi from a Class 6 to a Class 5, meaning a total of a 25 percent discount for flood insurance for those in a flood zone, and the continuation of a 10 percent discount for flood-insurance policies citywide.

“This latest improvement is important for a couple of reasons,” said Kristin Greger, the city’s CRS coordinator. “First, it means an additional saving to those who live in a flood zone, and it retains the 10 percent discount offered citywide. Second, it says that we are doing a good job in regulating construction in our city, particularly in flood zones, and we are helping to educate our residents about ways to minimize the risk they face from storms and flooding.”

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