Biloxi to upgrade traffic signals

Motorists on the streets of Biloxi will be seeing larger and brighter traffic signals as the result of a quarter-million-dollar traffic project the city will have completed within six months.

Biloxi recently completed an analysis of the 56 signalized intersections throughout city, and on Tuesday the City Council approved a $236,000 project that will involve increasing the size of red, yellow and green lights from eight inches to 12 inches throughout the city, and installing LED technology that will make the lights five times brighter and cut electricity use in half.

The analysis also recommended better synchronization of signals and eliminating signals at some intersections – two measures that will be reviewed by city leaders and the city’s Traffic Committee, which includes representatives of the Police and Public Works departments.

“We’re building new roads throughout our city right now,” Mayor A.J. Holloway said, “but it’s also important that we use technology to get the most out of our current roads and move traffic quickly and safely. We can do that by making sure that we have the latest technology working for us through better integrated and better synchronized traffic signals.”

Holloway noted that a $2.7 million project to improve all traffic signals on Pass Road, as well as improve roads at many intersections, will be included in the city budget that begins Oct. 1. The federal government will fund 80 percent of the project.

The analysis also recommended removing traffic signals at U.S. 90 and the President Casino (west), U.S. 90 at Broadwater Tower, U.S. 90 at Camellia Street, Main Street at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Division Street at Lameuse Street, Division Street at Reynoir Street, Howard Avenue at Seal Avenue and Howard Avenue at Lee Street.

Holloway said the city’s Traffic Committee would review traffic counts, safety factors and other issues before a decision is made.