Biloxi residents encouraged to file tree ROEs

The City of Biloxi is encouraging residents with standing dead trees on their property to file a tree removal right-of-entry form so a determination can be made if the tree poses a threat to safety, nearby utilities or access for emergency vehicles.

At the state’s request, FEMA has approved the cutting of standing dead trees on property outside of the surge area in the three Coastal counties.

“This program is an expansion of the FEMA dead-tree program that had been limited to the surge inundation areas of the Coast,” said Jonathan Kiser, Biloxi’s debris-removal coordinator. “However, the dead trees must be ‘pre-validated’ by FEMA after receipt of a valid tree removal ROE form by the owner of the property.”

Tree Removal ROE forms can be obtained weekdays from the Community Development, 676 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.; from Neel-Schaffer, 772 Howard Ave. or on the city’s web site at To see a form now, click here.

With a Feb. 28 deadline looming for debris removal, property owners are encouraged to file the ROEs as soon as possible.