Biloxi Police meet with counterparts

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller and administrative personnel with his department met with counterparts from Mississippi Coast law enforcement agencies this afternoon to discuss the possibility of a black spring break event being held in Biloxi in mid-April.

Miller and others met after seeing internet reports of such a gathering, although no promoter has approached Biloxi or neighboring cities to rent facilities or seek any parade or vending permits. About three dozen law enforcement leaders gathered this afternoon at the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center in Biloxi. Miller asked his colleagues to refrain from speaking about the event or any contingency plans until more information is known.

“We’re just being prudent at this point,” Miller said, “and we have nothing to publicly announce. What we are doing is exchanging information, talking about staffing availability in each department, and, yes, talking about traffic plans and whether they’ll have to be initiated and when. Right now, though, there’s nothing to report.”

An event loosely promoted as black spring break in 2000 caused gridlock on U.S. 90 in Biloxi, and a year later local law enforcement agencies implemented a traffic plan to reduced traffic on the highway and eventually “vented” traffic to Interstate 10.

Said Miller: “We’ll certainly keep the public informed with any necessary information in a timely manner.”