Biloxi firefighters seek supplies for Smithville

Residents and businesses in Biloxi are being asked to respond to the latest call for supplies for the town of Smithville, Miss., which was devastated by a tornado last month.

The City of Biloxi, in a drive organized by the Biloxi Fire Department, is asking residents or businesses to drop off items at any neighborhood Biloxi fire station.

The items being requested by Smithville are:

— Fans

— Tools

— Gatorade

— Soft drinks

— Small kitchen appliances

— Lamps

— Irons/ironing boards

— Pots and pans/cookware

No other items will be accepted by firefighters, and items must be dropped off at any Biloxi fire station by June 1.

“We’re asking the people of Biloxi to do what they can and do it now,” said Mayor A.J. Holloway, whose office received the Smithville request. “We have fire stations throughout the city, and firefighters will be ready to collect the supplies. If they’re out on a call, just come back.”