‘Biloxi Cooks!’ and ‘Gumbo’ now available online

BTV videographer Renny Sherman has wanted to do a cooking show for some time, and the program “Biloxi Cooks!”, which premiered on BTV Jan. 1, today became available on the city’s YouTube archive.

The city’s YouTube page today also added another BTV exclusive: the premiere episode of “Storytime with Gumbo Kelly,” a collection of four Kelly Derouen-animated stories.

For the premiere episode of the monthly cooking program, Sherman said the setting and stars were obvious to him: Biloxi firefighters cooking in a kitchen at Station 7, one of the city’s newest stations, on Popp’s Ferry Road just east of the Cedar Lake Road.

“When they aren’t saving lives,” Sherman said, “Biloxi firefighters spend their 24-hour shifts training, maintaining equipment readiness, cleaning the fire station, and in their down time, preparing some of the most delicious meals you will find on the Coast.”

In Show No. 1, which has aired daily at 7 a.m., 7 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. on BTV in January, viewers see Biloxi Firefighters Josh McGoey, Connor Kelly, Morgan Howe and Chris Denton prepare Fire House Fish and Shrimp Tacos with Coleslaw and Pico de Gallo.

“The cooking shows you see on the Food Network are fully scripted, shot in specially designed studio kitchens using a large production crew, and celebrity chefs with years of on-camera food preparation,” Sherman said. “This production was different. We were treated to the real thing when these four firefighters volunteered to team up and prepare a fire house favorite.

“What they might have lacked in on-camera experience, these firefighters more than made up for in personality. Oh, and by the way, the food was fabulous!”

Added Sherman: “We know you will enjoy the show, but most of all it will give you an opportunity to spend a little time with and get to know a few of the men and women we count on to keep all Biloxians safe.”
See the premiere episode of “Biloxi Cooks!”
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See the premiere episode of “Storytime with Gumbo Kelly”

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