Biloxi continues outreach campaign for owners of flood-prone property

The City of Biloxi, as part of ongoing efforts to help reduce flood damage to property, is mailing a new flood-prevention brochure to about 2,500 property owners who live in or near the so-called 100-year flood plain.

The information includes tips on how to modify your home to prevent or minimize damage from flooding, action you should take during and after storms, and a list of agencies that provide assistance to homeowners wanting to make improvements.

The city is mailing the information this week as part of an outreach program recommended by the federal and state emergency management agencies.

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides funding and valuable assistance to communities across the country, but FEMA is asking everyone to try to prevent repetitive losses,” Mayor A.J. Holloway said. “We are hoping that property owners will take steps to minimize damage, which will reduce costly insurance claims that drive up insurance rates for all of us. And, frankly, the information we’re sending also can save lives by helping educate people about the dangers of high water and storms.”

Biloxi earns points for undertaking these outreach programs, which, in the past several years has led to a 10 percent decrease in flood insurance rates for residents.

The city is also partnering with federal and state agencies in a voluntary program to acquire homes that have had a history of flooding.

To see a copy of the new mailout, click here.

To see a map of flood-prone areas in Biloxi, click here.