Biloxi casino resort industry, 6,000 hotel rooms back online

Biloxi’s eight casino resorts re-opened for business this afternoon, a couple days after Hurricane Gustav visited the area.

“This brings 6,000 hotel rooms back online, and, just as importantly, puts 12,000 people back to work,” Mayor A.J. Holloway said. “Our economic industry, the gaming and hospitality industry, is open for business. We have some debris to clean up, but the bottom line is we’re open for business throughout the city.”

Added the mayor: “This would have been a far different story today had we not gone with shore-based gaming after Katrina.”

Holloway said the re-opening of Beach Boulevard this morning signaled the return of business after a brief interruption from Hurricane Gustav, which buffeted the area with sustained winds of 40 mph, gusts of up to 70 mph and a storm surge of 12 feet.

“We were seeing many local restaurants, stores and other businesses beginning to re-open throughout the day,” the mayor said, “and now I understand that our resorts are getting quite a few calls for reservations.”

Holloway credited the Mississippi Department of Transportation for quick work to re-open U.S. 90, and the Mississippi Gaming Commission and the Biloxi Fire Department for prompt inspections of Biloxi’s eight casino resorts, which include gaming operations, hotels, restaurants and spas.

“It’s been a lot of work over the past couple of days, and we still have work to do, but we’ve made and are continuing to make progress.”

To visit the city web site and learn more about Biloxi’s progress, click here.