Authorities approve proposed spring break traffic plan

Leaders of the Biloxi and Gulfport Police departments and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department have approved a traffic plan that may be implemented this weekend should a spring break event be held in Biloxi April 5-7.

“The plan is essentially the same plan we successfully employed last year,” Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway said. “The big difference this year is that we’re going to better communicate the plan to the public, particularly in regards to the so-called ‘venting’ of traffic, and we’re going to work to allow local residents access to their places of employment or residences.”

In the plan, only one eastbound lane and one westbound lane will be open to traffic on U.S. 90 between Cowan Road in Gulfport to Rodenberg Avenue in Biloxi. The inside lanes will be for emergency vehicles only, and police will limit the number of intersections for traffic to turn northward off U.S. 90 in that area.

Additionally, officers will be strictly enforcing speed limit and seatbelt ordinances; traffic tickets will be issued, and any vehicles that enter the emergency lane or impede the flow of traffic on U.S. 90 will be towed.

Police also will be strictly enforcing their respective vendor ordinances. All vendors — whether in Biloxi, Gulfport, or on the sand beach – will be required to have proper permits from the respective jurisdictions. Vendors who are doing business without proper permits will be subject to arrest.

The decision on whether to employ the traffic plan will be made as soon as today, and local residents are advised to stay tuned to local media and visit the City of Biloxi’s web site at

Authorities also plan to announce in advance through the media any plans to “vent” traffic from U.S. 90 to Interstate 10 via I-110 and Cowan Road.

Organizers of a “Black Spring Break” web site had said they would make an announcement Monday, April 1, whether they will encourage visitors to head to Biloxi or New Orleans.