An important message on a proud anniversary

It was a proud time for Biloxi on this day 50 years ago, when Apollo 13 lifted off from Kennedy Space Center, with Biloxi native Fred Haise aboard as the Lunar Module Pilot.

The mission, which lifted off at 1:13 (“13:13” in military parlance) on April 11, 1970, captured the attention of the nation, when, almost 56 hours into the flight and 205,000 miles from Earth, an explosion occurred.

“NASA and, in fact, the whole world focused on solving a problem that no one had seen before,” Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich says in today’s Be Prepared video. “Do you see the parallel?”

During the five minute video, recorded today at 1:13 p.m., Gilich discusses the increasing number of cases and repeats advisories before recounting the parallels of Apollo 13 and the threat of the coronavirus.
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Fred Haise: From Biloxi to the Moon

The city has now published online the new documentary, “Fred Haise: From Biloxi to the Moon,” which has been playing on BTV since April 1.

Videographer August Taconi recently sat down with Haise, the Biloxi native and Apollo 13 astronaut, at Infinity Visitors Center to create the 50-minute film.

Haise recounts his fascinating life, from growing up on Back Bay, to his days with NASA, his pioneering time with the Space Shuttle and his harrowing plane crash.

The city commissioned the documentary to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13, which is today, and to celebrate Fred Haise, the most famous person in Biloxi’s history.
YouTube premiere: “Fred Haise: From Biloxi to the Moon”
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News & notes: Weather advisory, burn ban

Bad moon rising: Thundershowers and strong winds are in the forecast for Easter Sunday. To see the detailed forecast and advisories, click here.

Burn ban: Outdoor burning has been banned statewide until further notice.