2009 candidates

Here is a list of candidates who by the 5 p.m. deadline today filed their intent to qualify for the upcoming Biloxi municipal elections is 5 p.m. today.

Democrats: Jesse Herron Kennedy Jr.

Republicans: A.J. Holloway, Michael Janus, Connie Rockco

Councilmember, Ward 1

Democrats: George W. Lawrence

Republicans: August H. Parker, Jr.

Councilmember, Ward 2

Democrats: Le’Roy C. “Foxx” Carney, Felix O. Gines, Kay Frances Horne, William “Bill” Stallworth

Republicans: None.

Councilmember, Ward 3

Democrats: Lucy Denton

Republicans: Keith Burton; Charles T. Harrison, Jr.; Richard Moss

Councilmember, Ward 4

Democrats: None.

Richard K. Calaway, II;
Mike Fitzpatrick;
Clark Griffith, Lt. General, USAF Ret.;
Mary A. Larson

Councilmember, Ward 5

Democrats: None.

Susan Swetman LeBatard, Tom Wall

Councilmember, Ward 6

Democrats: None


Russell I. Bistle, George Fassitt, Edward “Ed” Gemmill

Councilmember, Ward 7

Democrats None.

Republicans: David Fayard

Ben L. Chanek

More online

— To print a reader-friendly list of candidates, alphabetically listed by party,click here.

–To visit the Voter Information section of city city web site, where you can find ward maps showing polling places and voter registration information, click here.