Zoom, zoom! Cruisin’ heads into final days

This year’s record-setting Cruisin’ The Coast rolls into its final stretch this weekend, and Biloxi Police Chief John Miller, whose department has the task of keeping traffic moving safely in Biloxi, says it’s been a smooth ride.

“Everything’s been good so far,” Miller said, as the eight-day Coastwide parade of cars today announced its registration at 8,328. “The participants have been very cognizant of the rules of the road, and I think the cones and the additional signage along U.S. 90 are all working well.

“We’ve had some minor backups of traffic here and there, and I think you’re going to see that when you have thousands of cars and people in town. There’s no way around that, literally. But our advice to people is just enjoy yourself. Take your time and enjoy the sights.”
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