Word spreading on Spring Break traffic plan

Copies of the Spring Break traffic plan are being delivered to hoteliers throughout Biloxi this week, and notice of the plan is being mailed to every resident and business in Biloxi next week.

It’s all part of the plan to make the public and visitors aware of Spring Break 2018, scheduled for April 13-15, when police estimate tens of thousands of visitors will be in town for events in and around the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center.

The Mississippi Hotel & Lodging Association today says 90 percent of the Mississippi Coast’s 15,400 hotel rooms are reserved for the April 13-15 weekend.  The city distributed 3,000 copies of the plan at a meeting of innkeepers last week, and 7,000 more are being delivered this week.

“We want everyone to have a great time,” Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said, “but at the same time, since it’s such a heavy concentration of cars and people, we have to maintain access for emergency responders. People want to know that when they call 911, we’re going to be able to respond. And to do that, we have to have a traffic plan.”

The plan, a throwback to a plan employed in 2001, limits U.S. 90 traffic to one-lane westbound and one-lane eastbound between I-110 in Biloxi and Cowan Road in Gulfport. The two interior lanes will used exclusively by emergency vehicles.  The plan will begin Friday, April 13 and continue through the weekend.  Police also will close some intersections at peak traffic times, and may employ a measure known as “venting,” where traffic is directed to I-10 via I-110 or Cowan Road, with no turns allowed.

“What this plan does is spread out the traffic so we don’t have gridlock,” Miller said. “Granted, it’s going to be slow-moving traffic, but it will be moving.”
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Spring break news and notes: Trash, garbage and B-Alert

Front beach workers and businesses:  Police are advising U.S. 90 business owners and employees to expect increased travel times and to plan accordingly for April 13-15.  To read details in the Q&A, click here.

Garbage, recycling and trash: The Harrison County Utility Authority reports that U.S. 90 service will be earlier than expected on Friday, April 13. Those on U.S. 90 are encourage to place carts curbside Thursday evening.

Trash pickup: The city is working with Team Waste to have litter patrols on U.S. 90 late Sunday afternoon.

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