What you need to know about construction debris disposal

When residents and business owners hire contractors to make repairs or alterations to their property, the disposal of that debris is the responsibility of the contractors.

Under the terms of the trash pickup contract, construction debris or construction vegetation such as trees and limbs will not be picked up at tax payers’ expense.

The waste must be taken to a proper and legal waste facility such as the Coastal Recyclers Landfill at 14399 Hudson-Krohn Rd., Biloxi.  The landfill operates weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.  The gate rate is $5.25 per cubic yard with a $10 minimum and waste will be weighed upon drop off.

As for rubbish, recyclables, bulky non-hazardous waste, etc., place it at your curbside.  Under the terms of its countywide contract, Waste Pro picks ups trash and recycling each Friday for all areas of Biloxi south of 1-10 and on Wednesday for areas north of 1-10 in Biloxi.

Household garbage is picked up each Tuesday and Friday in Biloxi south of 1-10, excluding Eagle Point.  For Eagle Point and areas north of 1-10 in Biloxi, household garbage is picked up each Wednesday and Saturday.

Household garbage and recycling should be placed curbside in the appropriate Waste Pro receptacle or bin.
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