Biloxi A to Z: What drives the traffic plan

The ins and outs of the spring break traffic plan, the COVID-19 and vaccinations report and massive streets and drainage work on Shriners Boulevard and in East Biloxi top today’s Biloxi A to Z video report.

Here, in broad, general terms are the “tipping points” of the spring break traffic plan, according to Capt. Brian Dykes of the Biloxi Police Department:

1. Normal traffic. Traffic cones are placed on U.S. 90 ahead of the event to separate the two travel lanes.

2. Traffic begins to slow. “Cross-overs,” or left turns on U.S. 90 are blocked at unsignalized intersections.

3. Traffic slows considerably. Most intersections are closed and traffic signals are placed in flashing mode.

4. Traffic stops with only small forward movement. The left lane of U.S. 90 is cleared of traffic and reserved for emergency vehicle use only.

5. Traffic stops and no movement is possible. All intersections are closed; eastbound traffic is forced onto I-110, and westbound traffic is forced onto Cowan-Lorraine Road to I-10.

Says Dykes: Option 4 has happened only once in the past three years and Option 5 was last employed several years ago.
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