Weather service re-issues flood warning

The National Weather Service, which is forecasting steady rainfall and numerous showers through the evening, has re-issued a flood warning for the Biloxi and Wolf rivers through late tonight.

The NWS says that standing water and saturated ground mean that moderate rain will quickly pond in low-lying areas, and possibly leading to flash flooding.

Forecasts for the Biloxi and Wolf rivers, based on the current rainfall projects are:

— The Biloxi River, which has a current reading of 13.62 and falling, is expected to crest at 14.0 feet on Friday evening, two feet about flood stage.

— The Wolf River, which has a flood stage of 8.0 feet, is currently at 9.73 feet and falling, and is expected to crest at 9.0 feet on Friday evening.

Motorists are reminded not to attempt to drive vehicles through flooded areas. Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles.

New easy-to-navigate weather information online

The web sites for the City of Biloxi and Biloxi Public Schools have updated their front-page weather links to provide comprehensive reports directly from the National Weather Service.

The new link on each site offers direct access to a page showing current conditions, seven-day forecasts; local, regional and national weather radar; as well as detailed hazardous weather advisories. The information is available in English and Spanish. You’ll find the Weather link at top left on the city site and top right on the school site.

To see the new weather page now, click here.. Of note in the new weather package is the Southern Mississippi Valley Sector radar, which shows approaching rainfall. To see a loop of the radar, click here.