Waste Pro vows to accelerate efforts to remove carts, bins

Waste Pro, the trash and recycling firm that formerly served Biloxi, reports that it is escalating its efforts to remove trash cans and recycling bins from curbs throughout the city as the threat of Tropical Storm Nate looms.

“We are monitoring Nate closely and have been making plans with Gulfport and our other municipal clients on MS Gulf Coast,” said Chief Operating Officer Tim Herman. “We were unable to remove the carts prior to the end of our term (although we have been working in harmony with Team Waste to empty their carts that they delivered early).

“We have collected several thousand carts, but we are escalating the pace of our collection now that our contract has ended.”

Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard suggested that residents whose carts have not been picked up by Friday afternoon or Saturday morning should move those carts from the curbside to a secure location.