Video update: Latest from mayor and police chief

Biloxi Police are continuing to make extra patrols of closed businesses, Police Chief John Miller says in today’s video update, and police are also looking to disperse any crowd they may encounter.

Miller joins Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich in today’s Be Prepared video update, a four-minute report recorded this afternoon at Biloxi City Hall. The video is now posted on the city’s social media platforms and on the city website.

“Everything seems to be about ’10 people’ now, and that’s not at all the idea that we’re trying to portray,” Miller said in the video. “We’re trying to portray to folks that we don’t want to spread this disease.

“So whether it’s two people or five people, if there’s no need to be there, if it’s a social gathering that you can do without, please, for the time being, don’t gather.”

Miller also reminded residents and restaurant operators that no seating or dining is available — inside or outside — of restaurants.
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