Unregistered garbage carts disappearing in Biloxi

The city has rounded up more than a hundred residential garbage carts because they were not associated with an account and more unregistered carts will be removed when discovered, says Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard.

The city collects $14.33 a month for weekly garbage, trash and recycling service from about 11,950 households, but the Harrison County Utility Authority, which oversees the waste and recycling service, is billing the city for 13,960 customers each month.

“What we have found is that carts have been moved from where they were originally delivered, or perhaps there was not an account set up under the previous service,” Leonard said. “As a result, the monthly garbage fee was not being paid by the resident, which meant the city had been bearing the monthly cost. This is unfair to all residents. Everyone needs to pay their fair share for this service.”

A locator chip embedded in the carts is allowing the city to audit the service and remove unregistered carts. “That chip shows where that cart is supposed to be,” Leonard said, “and if it’s not associated with an account, it’s being removed.”

Leonard said those without accounts who are still getting trash, garbage and recycling service may see their carts removed.

“To avoid this inconvenience,” Leonard said, “we are advising those with carts but without an account to call the water department at 228-435-6240 to set up an account.”


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