Two Biloxi parks to get Sparkling treatment

Two Biloxi parks will be getting new community gardens as part of the second annual nationwide Cheers to You Beautification Program sponsored by Talking Rain Beverage Co., the maker of Sparkling Ice beverages.

The program will see the installation of community gardens at St. Mary’s Park and Savarro Park, and new playground equipment at St. Mary’s, which is off Rodeo Drive, west of Keesler. Savarro is off Irish Hill Drive, at Hubbard Place.

Said Sparkling Ice in its announcement: “It’s been over 15 years since Hurricane Katrina, and the town of Biloxi is still recovering. The Sparkling Ice team will create community gardens at St. Mary’s and Savarro Park, which has been a long-awaited project for the town over the last few years. The new community gardens will further beautify the parks and help to bring the town together to plant, seed, and tend to fresh flowers and herbs. In addition, the brand will be installing an all-new playground area, inclusive of new swing sets and equipment for both the community and local schools to utilize.”

The Cheers to You program also choose Lumberton, N.C., and Port Arthur, Texas for projects.

The Sparkling Ice team in the past has built accessible homes for veterans, provided clean drinking water for those in need, and recognized and rewarded hometown heroes. For the 2021 Beautification program, the brand sought out three new unique towns across America, whose parks and recreational areas where in need of refurbishing, rebuilding or enhancements.

 “When you think about the places where people congregate in small towns, it’s usually a park or recreational area. At Talking Rain, we aim to bring people together, and what better way is there to encourage togetherness after a year of hardship than elevating meaningful parts of the community,” said Chris Hall, CEO of Talking Rain. “Giving back is in our DNA and we are thrilled to bring our beautification program to these three new, deserving towns.”

The inaugural Sparkling Ice Cheers to You Town Beautification Program launched in 2020 to spread sparkle and cheer during difficult times. Now in its second year, the brand’s goal is to execute community-driven programs that engage consumers and create feel-good moments of positivity and celebration for unique towns. Construction plans for the 2021 projects will begin this summer and will be completed by the fall.
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