Twentysomethings, Biloxi is uniquely for you

OK, so it’s doesn’t have the oomph of the U.S. News & World Report list that gave Biloxi a glowing review the other day, but a new compilation of unique places for twentysomethings includes Biloxi in such company as New Orleans, Nashville, Austin, San Jose, Ann Arbor and St. Augustine.

In making its list of 20 most unique cities for twentysomethings, looked for cities with a balance of stunning natural scenery and bustling concrete jungle streets, high populations of coming-of-age twentysomethings and cities “so incredible they make you question if this is real life.”

The entry for Biloxi, at No. 17 and billed as “spring break like you never left college,” includes a nod to the beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore and touts the Half Shell Oyster House, including a photo of the restaurant’s Hard Rock venue. Said the report: “You might not be able to get away with driving along the Gulf Coast during spring break with a belly full of oysters in your 30s.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, U.S. News & World Report listed Biloxi in the Top 5 of the USA’s best family beach vacation destinations. The list also included Maui, Hilton Head, Martha’s Vineyard and Destin.

The latest blog was not the first mention of Biloxi. In March, when the website included Gulfport among “the 25 Best Small Towns in the Country” (interestingly, with a photo of the Gulfport Half Shell), taking a selfie with the Biloxi Lighthouse was said to be a must-do.
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