Trees, second short-term rental on agenda today

The city’s tree-protection ordinance will be discussed during a special City Council meeting this afternoon at 4:45, and the city will get its second short-term rental operation if the City Council says OK during its 6 p.m. meeting.

The council called the special meeting to discuss the city’s tree-protection ordinance after more than a hundred “protected” trees have been lost to development in the past year, and three-dozen more now face the ax for a proposed beachfront development.

During its 6 o’clock ¬†meeting this evening, the City Council will consider a request to allow a short-term rental to operate on Briarfield Avenue, in west Biloxi. The first short-term rental was OK’d to operate recently in a Reynoir Street townhome. Among the other items on the agenda Tuesday night: the initial reading of an ordinance to govern motor vehicles for hire, contributing $3,000 to an initiative to protect military bases, and a measure to increase an existing loan to $4.87 million to continue sewer work in the Woolmarket community.
See the City Council agenda and supporting documents


News and notes

Accolades for Seafood Museum: AAA Southern Traveler, the official AAA publication for Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi and with an audience of 400,000 frequent travelers, has recognized the Maritime and ¬†Seafood Industry Museum as an official Southern Travel Treasure. The accolade is part of AAA’s recognition of “special places and events in the magazine’s circulation area.” To see the award and read an AAA story about the museum, click here.

Street work: More than 50 streets in Biloxi are undergoing some some sort of construction or infrastructure work at the moment. To see the lay of the land, click here. For an overview of the unprecedented amount of infrastructure work, click here.