Tree committee gets nod from Planning Commission

By Jerry Creel, Community Development Director

This week in economic development, the Biloxi Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve a text change for the establishment of a city tree committee. The planning commission recommendation will now go before the city council for final consideration. If approved by the city council, the committee would be composed of seven (7) members, one individual from each of the city’s seven (7) wards. The representatives must be residents of their respective wards and qualified electors therein. Each nominee will be appointed by the Mayor and ratified by the city council.

Under the approved recommendation, the committee would elect their own officials and conduct their own meetings. The committee would also designate one member to serve as a non-voting liaison member of the City’s Development Review Committee. The liaison member would interact with the DRC and provide comments concerning new large-scale commercial projects. If approved by the city council, the text change would go into effect thirty (30) days after the final vote.