Today’s report: Be watchful of the weather

National weather authorities months ago predicted that the 2020 storm season would be a busy one, with as many as two dozen named storms during the six-month season.

And while the season has lived up to its billing – Laura makes it a dozen named storms so far this year – no one predicted two storms in the Gulf simultaneous. It’s happened before – in 1933, 1959 and in 2002 – but in a year of the coronavirus, nothing should be a surprise.

The National Hurricane Center forecast shows Laura approaching Florida and the Gulf of Mexico as either a strong tropical storm or hurricane early next week. However, you can expect the forecast to become clearer over the next few days.

Same for Tropical Depression 14, which is the Caribbean. When and if it reaches 39 mph it will get a name – Marco. The storm is forecast to make landfall in Texas or Louisiana by next Wednesday, possibly as a Category 1 hurricane.

What should you do? Continue to monitor weather reports. Pick up loose items in your yard, clean gutters and areas near drains on your property. Have a storm plan.

Says Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich: “There’s nothing to be alarmed about. Just pay attention to the weather and do the things you need to do to prepare your property and your family.”
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