Timeline for new main gate at Keesler

Leaders on the local, state and federal levels joined Keesler Air Force Base leaders Thursday to announce an estimated $37 million project to locate a new main entry gate at Division Street and Forrest Avenue. The two-year project includes an expanded and enhanced boulevard along Division from I-110 to Forrest Avenue. Here’s the timeline:

May 12, 2015: Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich elected

May 15, 2015: Mayor meets with Gov. Phil Bryant in Biloxi. Governor commits state support.

June 2015: Mayor gathers stakeholders (Keesler, state reps, congressional staffs, etc.) for a commitment to project

March 2016: Legislature appropriates $5 million to Biloxi for project

November 2016: Biloxi begins appraisals for property acquisition Forrest Ave.

December 2016: Federal budget provides $10 million for Keesler Gate project

December 2016: Biloxi awarded $5 million grant from MDA for first phase, Forrest Avenue west onto Keesler.

December 2016: Biloxi hires Brown Mitchell Alexander to oversee design

December 2016: BMA holds first planning meeting with city, Keesler

March 2017: Legislature appropriates $5 million to Biloxi for project

April 2017: Keesler awarded $1.7 million minor MILCON funds for gate

Third quarter 2017: Phase I design engineering completed; city bids construction

Fourth quarter 2017: Award of Phase I construction contract

2018: City bids, awards construction Phase II

2019: Phase I completion

2020: Phase II completion

*Estimated cost: $37 million; committed funding 6-1-17: $26.7 million