This is it! It’s last call for Zeta debris

It’s time to put debris from Hurricane Zeta in the rear-view mirror, says Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, but to do that, it must be moved to the curb.

The city wants all storm debris to be moved to the curb no later than Jan. 4, which is when the city’s debris crews return from a holiday break.

“If you haven’t moved it yet, now is the time,” Gilich said. “It’s actually past time. Our goal is that we can get this entire project wrapped up in January.”

The debris announcement, a COVID-19 update and a weekend preview are all part of today’s Biloxi A to Z report, now published on the city’s Facebook pages, YouTube and appearing on BTV today at p.m.

By mid-December, after working 43 days, debris crews using double-sized self-loading trailers had hauled away more than 232,000 cubic yards of debris from city neighborhoods. That’s enough debris to fill the Coast Coliseum 2¬Ĺ times. The city’s latest estimate is about 350,000 cubic yards of debris, but that number could increase to 400,000.

Make sure debris is segregated. Separate tree limbs from fence posts and boards. Do not place near fire hydrants, gas meters, mailboxes or utility poles.

And, of course, there’s the bagging vs. not bagging issue: Loose leaves should be bagged, and bags should not be mixed with debris piles. Pelican Waste will pick up bagged material.
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