The latest on Laura: ‘Nothing extreme for us’

You see the warnings and the advisories: Two storms in the Gulf. Marco moves on and Laura in the wings, they say.

Here’s the latest from Biloxi Emergency Manager Nick Geiser:

“For Hurricane Laura, most models agree on the projected landfall near the Louisiana-Texas border.

“The City of Biloxi does not anticipate any extreme conditions since the center of circulation will be hundreds of miles to our west. Higher than normal tides and possibly some squalls are the extent of what to look for in the Wednesday-Thursday timeframe.

“Currently, the storm surge is projected to be around three to five feet, which is several feet below what we experienced with Cristobal. All that being said, projection path of a hurricane is good these days, but we must always remember it is not an exact science. We encourage everyone to continue to monitor the weather reports for any changes.

“For those in low-lying areas, sand bag locations are still set up and will remain in place until the threat is completely out of our area.”
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