Switzer Drive drainage work to begin

Drainage pipes as large at six feet in diameter will be installed over the next 180 days in a $800,000 project designed to improve drainage in the area between Debuys Road and Eisenhower Drive and as far north as Pass Road.

“These are among the largest drainage pipes that we use anywhere in the city,” said City Engineer Damon Torricelli. “They’ll be replacing an open ditch in the area between C.T. Switzer Sr. Drive and U.S. 90, and they’ll be tying into work that has already been completed at the highway and existing drainage at and under the railway.”

The 180-day project, which will be performed by Hemphill Construction, is expected to be completed by the end of August. This second, final phase will mean that more than $1.5 million has been invested in drainage improvements in the Switzer Drive area.

Since the work is taking place south of Switzer Drive, no traffic detours or interruptions are expected.