Storm drain grates being stolen from neighborhood streets

Nearly two dozen storm drain grates have been stolen from nearly a dozen neighborhood streets, primarily in east Biloxi, and the city’s Public Works and Police departments are asking motorists to help solve the crimes.

The grates, which cover roadside catch basins, are made of two-inch-thick cast iron, measuring two feet by three feet.

“They’re pretty heavy, and I suspect it would take two people to remove them,” said Public Works Director Richard Sullivan. “They’re probably trying to sell the iron. This creates a hazardous situation for motorists and pedestrians. We’re having to mark them with barricades when we spot them and then create temporary covers from sheet metal. In addition to the hazardous situation and the cost of new grates, which is about $200 each or more if they have to be specially made, there’s also the time and cost of re-installing them. It’s just a senseless thing.”

Grates have been stolen from drains on Maple Street at Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets; on Strangi Avenue, at Kuhn, Vaughn and Glenn streets, Holley Street at Howard Avenue, and on Beach Boulevard at Rodenberg Avenue. Four grates were also stolen from the parking lot of the former Olive Garden restaurant on Debuys Road.

Anyone with information about the missing storm drain grates should immediately contact the Biloxi Police Department at (228) 392-0641.