Status of rail work; council to meet; DVD SRO

CSX, which aims to have rail-crossing repairs completed this week in Biloxi, on Monday afternoon reported to the city the following status on upgrades and associated closings at its rail crossings in Biloxi

Re-opened: Benachi Avenue.

— Lee Street and Keller Avenue: re-open Tuesday by 9 a.m.

— Oak Street: re-opens by noon Tuesday.

Remain closed: Magnolia, Delauney: Lameuse , Nixon, Holley, Dorries, Crawford and Oak. Status will be updated Tuesday by noon.

CSX, which expects to have as many as 17 trains a day using its Gulf Coast line as early as Feb. 1, has an 80-worker team making repairs to two to three-mile stretches of track at a time in Biloxi through next week. The nine-mile stretch of CSX rail in Biloxi, CSX points out, has 30 crossings.

The city, meantime, has asked CSX to help provide timely reports to the public regarding the status of temporary rail closures to help motorists plan alternate routes. The city has also asked that CSX try to avoid multiple rail closures where possible.

News and notes

Meeting time: The Biloxi City Council meets Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall. To read the public meeting’s agenda along with available resolutions, click here.

SRO DVD: “Thank you,” Mayor A.J. Holloway told an SRO crowd Sunday night at the Saenger, after a standing ovation early in the world premiere evening for “Katrina & Biloxi.” For those who missed the event, or the 7:30 encore, you can find order info with a click here.

To read about the premiere itself, click here.