State of emergency declared in preparation of TS Nate

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich and the Biloxi City Council declared a state of emergency in Biloxi this afternoon, a measure that authorizes the mayor to take extraordinary steps to deal with the expected torrential downpour from Tropical Storm Nate.

“We have to make preparations and take the necessary steps to protect our citizens and visitors,” Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich said.  “We are asking everyone to continue to monitor weather reports and to have a plan for their family.”

The state of emergency declared in Biloxi this afternoon grants the mayor broad authority in making emergency purchases and using city personnel and equipment as needed and where needed to minimize the threat to the health and safety of city residents.
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Port Division recommends evacuation of boats

Owners of marine craft in the city’s public harbors and marinas this afternoon were asked to make arrangements to relocate their vessels to safer locations.

“Although evacuation is not mandatory at this time, it is highly recommended that vessels be relocated well in advance to safer locations in order to protect both the vessel and the marina/harbor,” Port Division Manager Larry Sablich said in a notice that was being delivered to the nearly 300 owners of vessels in Biloxi’s four public harbors and marinas.

Boat owners typically move their craft to safer anchorage up the Bay of Biloxi, which means the bridges at Popp’s Ferry in west Biloxi and Lorraine Road in east Gulfport may be opening more frequently for marine traffic. The I-110 highrise also has to open for larger craft. Bridges will not open to marine traffic when winds reach 35 mph.

In his email, Sablich said the city’s ports and harbors — the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor, the adjoining Commercial Dock, Point Cadet Marina and the Sherman Canaan Back Bay Dock — will shut down when a hurricane or tropical storm warning is issued, or 24 hours before expected landfall, which ever occurs first.

If a significant storm surge is expected, Sablich said, all vessels must be out of the city’s marinas and harbors, vehicle/pier access will be terminated, and electrical service and water to the piers will be shut down.
See the Biloxi Port Division online


Waste Pro vows to accelerate efforts to remove carts, bins

Waste Pro, the trash and recycling firm that formerly served Biloxi, reports that it is escalating its efforts to remove trash cans and recycling bins from curbs throughout the city as the threat of Tropical Storm Nate looms.

“We are monitoring Nate closely and have been making plans with Gulfport and our other municipal clients on MS Gulf Coast,” said Chief Operating Officer Tim Herman. “We were unable to remove the carts prior to the end of our term (although we have been working in harmony with Team Waste to empty their carts that they delivered early).

“We have collected several thousand carts, but we are escalating the pace of our collection now that our contract has ended.”

Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard suggested that residents whose carts have not been picked up by Friday afternoon or Saturday morning should move those carts from the curbside to a secure location.


News and notes

Lighthouse fair canceled:  The fifth annual Biloxi Lighthouse Arts and Crafts Fair set for Saturday at the Biloxi Visitors Center has been canceled because of the threat of Tropical Storm Nate. Questions? Call the Visitors Center at 228-374-3105.

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