Spring Break vendors renting front beach properties

Over the years, two “park-n-play” lots, heavily promoted on social media for months as “Spring Break headquarters,” have been the focal point of Spring Break activities near the Coast Coliseum, which has its own array of activities under the banner of “Black Beach Weekend.”

The Coast Coliseum has thousands of parking spaces that will be open for Spring Break, and a host of property owners along front beach – including Michael L. Shuler, RW Development, Sundance Capital Investments, South Beach North and Gulf Beach Resort Hotel – are leasing property to individuals to either sell parking spaces, food or beer.

As of April 6, a total of 20 vendors have applied for and received city permits to sell food, beer or parking at private properties they have rented along the front beach, according to records from the city’s Community Development Department.
See the list of locations, vendors and property owners