Southeastern Gaming & Business Exposition

Welcome address to the Southeastern Gaming & Business Exposition, by Mayor Holloway, in Biloxi, August 1995.

On behalf of the city and its citizens, I welcome you to Biloxi for the 1995 Expo. I hope you enjoy your stay and discover why Biloxi is a nice place to visit and a great place to live.

Our daily lives have changed dramatically since the arrival of gaming. Two years ago it was a new thing. Now we’re a maturing jurisdiction and we are challenged to keep the excitement alive. We in Biloxi are confident that you can meet that challenge, and we stand by to help facilitate your success.

During your stay, make time to appreciate some of the things that continue to make Biloxi great — our informative museums, our great restaurants, our championship golf courses and our deep-sea fishing. And the weather’s perfect for a nice cool day on the beach, huh?
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Seriously, with our rich history and your promising future, we can deal a winning hand. Let’s meet the challenges of the future together.

Have a great Expo and leave with great memories and greater ideas.