Snyder center to provide shelter from weather

The City of Biloxi, in the face of forecasts of severe thunderstorms and winds as high as 30 mph this evening, will allow residents to seek shelter in the Donal Snyder Sr. Community Center in west Biloxi beginning later this afternoon through Friday morning.

The National Weather Service and Biloxi emergency management leaders are recommending that those residing in travel trailers and other outdoor means should be prepared for the possibility of hazardous weather later this afternoon and early evening.

You can see the latest advisories and real-time radar by clicking here.

The Snyder center, which is at 2520 Pass Road, is opening “as a precautionary measure for those who have any concerns,” according to Linda Atterberry, the city’s emergency management coordinator.

Those planning to seek refuge in the Snyder center should bring their own food, pillows and bedding, and any reading material or necessary medication. No pets will be allowed.

“We’re looking at the potential of severe thunderstorms, winds as high as 30 mph, possible hale and possible tornadic conditions,” Atterberry said, “so we’re offering this shelter as a place of refuge for anyone who may have concerns.”