Snyder center to open at noon as storm shelter

The City of Biloxi will open the Donal M. Snyder Sr. Community Center at noon today for residents who feel threatened by the expected gale-force winds and thundershowers that are expected through the evening.

The Snyder center is at 2520 Pass Road in Biloxi. The facility will be staffed by emergency personnel, and those seeking shelter there should bring any medication, food, water and infant supplies they may need.

“The National Weather Service is forcasting gale force winds this afternoon and continuing through the night,” said Police Lt. Linda Atterberry, Biloxi’s Emergency Management Director. “Anyone who feels threatened by the weather can seek shelter in the Snyder center, which will be open as long as needed.”

Those seeking shelter in the Snyder center are reminded that no pets, firearms or alcohol are allowed in storm shelters.

To see a map showing the location of the Donal M. Snyder Community Center, click here.

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