Seashore applicants withdraw appeal for zoning change

The applicants requesting zoning changes at the Seashore Methodist property on U.S. 90 have withdrawn their appeal, meaning that the hearings scheduled for this afternoon’s City Council meeting have been canceled, according to Clerk of Council Lucy Brashier.

The applicants — Mississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc., the parent company of Seashore Personal Care Center, Inc.; Seashore Campgrounds Retirement Home, Inc., and Gulf Oaks Methodist. – were appealing a Planning Commission recommendation to deny a request to change zoning from high-density residential to a hospitality business district with a conditional use for long-term housing. A hearing also was planned for appeal of a Planning Commission recommendation to deny a request for a parking variance.

The three hearings were scheduled to be part of CIty Council meeting that begins at 1:30 this afternoon at City Hall.

To see the complete agenda and available resolutions for the meeting, click here.